4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day This April

  • Feb 25, 2024

Each year on April 22nd, Earth Day becomes a global celebration of environmental awareness and appreciation. For business and organizations, caring about sustainability attracts investors or donors, attracts new customers, and makes people feel good about interacting with their brand. 


 "A recent study by NielsenIQ found that 78% of consumers say that a sustainable lifestyle is important to them.(1) "


In the promotional products industry, the focus on sustainability has grown exponentially, making Earth Day the perfect occasion to connect with diverse audiences. Here are four ideas for spreading awareness and celebrating a greener future this April. 


Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2024

  • Reward Going Green: Show appreciation for green efforts with special Earth Day offers. Consider discounts for customers who recycle, purchase eco-friendly branded merch, or participate in give-back programs. Encourage your audience to share their green experiences on social media for exclusive perks or host an Earth Day event where people can share stories and ideas about their sustainability journey.



  • Community Connection: Extend your sustainability message by engaging with your community. Collaborate with neighboring businesses and local organizations on recycling programs, participate in clean-up events, or contribute to community gardens. Maximize brand impressions by handing out eco-conscious giveaway items, providing reusable drinkware, and supporting environmental events and programs year-round.


  • Inspire and Educate: Earth Day provides opportunities to educate students of all ages about green initiatives. Events hosted by parks & recreation departments, zoos, museums, environmental centers, and more can benefit from branded merch to extend the impact of their programs. Plus, nearly half of consumers ages 45 to 54 feel more favorable about advertisers who provide environmentally friendly promotional products, so Earth Day education is valuable to audiences of every age.(2)


As we gear up for Earth Day 2024, let’s work together to create programs that incorporate responsible practices and thoughtful choices. We are here  to help you with ideas for campaigns that will have a lasting impact and inspire positive change.



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